"The Royal Oak"

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  • LIMITED EDITION 25 Exemplary
  • FORMAT 70x100cm /50 x 70cm / 30 x 40 cm
  • Fine art paper 100% cotton 310g/m
  • Number, dated and signed by The artist
  • Delivered in a protective tube with a Authen certificateLecture


S t o r y 


This work is based on the Royal Oak of Audemars Piguet, considered today as a icon Swiss watchmaking and celebrated for its timeless design and exceptional manufacturing quality.

Originally, designer Gerald Genta's mission was to create "A steel sports watch that does not exist ".

Original drawing of the Royal Oak

That evening, in Basel, the designer drew gouache what was going to become the Royal Oak. Genta was inspired by a diving porthole, memory of childhood on the Machine in Geneva bridge. The watch had an octagonal case with visible screws on the telescope, a distinctive "tapestry" dial and an integrated bracelet.


This daring and innovative design was both admired and criticized in 1972.

C r e a t i o n p r o c e s s s 

Each creation begins with a phase of research and of documentation On the model, its origins, her designate but also on the aspect technical. 

We thus find on the canvas a drawing the Lamborghini Miura which represents the golden youth and the modernity of the time. But also the dialing on the "Machine bridge" in Geneva which inspired Gerald Genta.

The fascination for mechanisms pushed Alban to represent the heart of the watch, which is none other than caliber 2121, the best movement in the world at the time.

The universe of diving diluted with the technique of gross movements and materials of the work represents this icon of watchmaking.

The artist has developed a unique method to tell the story of the creation of these mechanical objects through drawing and watercolor painting. His distinctive style mixes with subtlety the technical precision of the ball pen, which is one of the emblematic instruments of designers, with the softness and fluidity of the colors of the watercolor. 

Each work is certified by a punch Signed "Lerailler Gallery"

All the process, from the search phase to the layout phase takes approximately 7 days to the artist. 


* This work is not from an official collaboration with the Audemars Piguet brand.