"The Blue Cobra"

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  • LIMITED EDITION 25 Exemplary
  • FORMAT 50 x 70cm / 30 x 40 cm
  • Fine art paper 100% cotton 310g/m
  • Number, dated and signed by The artist
  • Delivered in a protective tube with a Authen certificateLecture


S t o r y 

AC Cobra is an emblematic sports car that embodies raw power and timeless style. She was born out of a collaboration between the British company AC Cars and the legendary American automotive designer Carroll Shelby in the 1960s.

Carroll Shelby, a former successful race pilot, acquired international renown by winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959 with the Aston Martin team. However, a heart disease forced him to put an end to his pilot career. Nevertheless, his passion for sports cars did not abandon him.

Shelby was approached by AC Cars, a small British automobile manufacturer, to develop a car capable of competing with the powerful European sports cars, in particular Ferrari. This is how AC Cobra was born.

Caroll Shelby with His Ac Cobra

By combining the light body of ACA with Ford's powerful American V8 V8 engine, Carroll Shelby has created a real racing beast. AC Cobra was introduced on the market in 1962 and quickly gained popularity thanks to its exceptional performance.

With its emblematic design and devastating power, AC Cobra has become a reference in the world of sports cars. It has set numerous speed records and dominated the race circuits for years.

 AC Cobra Racing

The legend of Carroll Shelby and AC Cobra still continues today. The original models are extremely sought after by collectors, while modern and reinterpreted versions continue to be produced to satisfy sports cars from around the world.

AC Cobra embodies the perfect union between British elegance and American power, offering an unforgettable driving experience and a timeless icon for car lovers.  

C r e a t i o n p r o c e s s s 

Each creation begins with a phase of research and of documentation On the model, its origins, her designate but also on the aspect technical. 

It is the model, the "427", that the artist has chosen to represent, with elements of his history such as the AC Bristol body, his V8 Ford engine and his tubular chassis. We can also see a sketch of an American championship race, as well as the emblematic symbol of Carroll Shelby, the Texas Cobra Serpent.

The artist has developed a unique method to tell the story of the creation of these mechanical objects through drawing and watercolor painting. His distinctive style mixes with subtlety the technical precision of the ball pen, which is one of the emblematic instruments of designers, with the softness and fluidity of the colors of the watercolor. Each line and each shade of color are meticulously chosen to capture the soul.

Sketchbook AC Cobra Research

All the process, from the search phase to the layout phase takes approximately 7 days to the artist. 

Each work is certified by a punch Signed "Lerailler Gallery" 

* This work is not from an official collaboration with the AC Cobra brand.