"Purebred veyron"

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  • LIMITED EDITION 25 Exemplary
  • FORMAT 50 x 70cm / 30 x 40cm
  • Fine art paper 100% cotton 310g/m
  • Number, dated and signed by The artist
  • Delivered in a protective tube with a Authen certificateLecture


S t o r y 

Bugatti type 35 led by the Méo Costantini driver

Bugatti dedicates the third model of its edition of legends to  Meo Costantini. He was closely linked to the founder of the firm, Ettore Bugatti and was for many years director of the factory stable. Costantini himself competes shopping And embodies the most splendor in Bugatti sports history. Twice, he won the race on the most famous and most important circuit in the world of the time, the Targa Florio In Sicily, driving the Bugatti type 35.

Concept that prefigures the Bugatti Veyron

But let's go back to the history of the Bugatti Veyron which started in 1997 on a train trip to the " Shinkansen In Japan that a sketch was drawn, ready to change the automotive world forever. We are talking about 18cylinders, a revolution in the world of mechanics. Engineer and developer, Ferdinand Piëch was the driving force that gave life to the Bugatti brand. In 1999, during the Tokyo Motor Show was presented the EB 18/4 Veyron created by Harmut Warkub and the talented and young designer Jozef Kabañ. The model will be very close to the future form of the Veyron

A elegance to its paroxysm and a peak technique. Here's how the Bugatti Veyron can define it. She harmoniously combines a muscular and sporty dynamic with an elegant shape. She thus transposes theDNA Glorious past Bugatti. 

Its classic two -color covering reveals its characteristic profile with the typical line Bugatti. The rear of the large veyron offers its imposing retractable spout and wings at prominent lines While at the front, the horizontal headlights form a compact set with the radiator. 

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Speed ​​Meo Constantini is driven by a lightning engine W16 8.0 liters to four turbos, which delivers a force of 1,200 horsepower and a torque of 1,106 LB-PI. It goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds. 

The latter is distinguished from the three other special editions of the series "Les Legends Bugatti", by its bodywork of Bugatti Dark Blue Sport with side sections in polished aluminum.

The leather finish of the Stars is inspired by the Bugatti Type 35, while its rear wing proudly sports the colors of the Targa Florio shopping coat of arms.


 C r e A t i o n  P r o c e s s s 


Each creation begins with a phase of research and of documentation On the model, its origins, her designate but also on the aspect technical. 

On this model, the artist underlines the inspiration of designers and  lines of force strongly inspired by the “Cigar Shape” of the type 35, which makes it possible to boost the overall attitude of the vehicle. Its different sketches lead to the heart of the vehicle which is the sublime W16 quadri-turbos of 1200hp. It was important to represent it detailed like a coin of goldsmithery, because it is the strength of this Bugatti.

Meo Costantini Who is a former plane pilot during the First World War and thereafter a pilot for Bugatti. He is represented to return him tribute And who thanks to his efforts and his great bravery to win many races. He is located in the background behind his favorite vehicle "Type 35". 

The first phase is to draw the pencil of each sketch, this work is careful and ask for a big mastery To capture all the details of the Bugatti. Then the watercolor painting phase and finally highlight the details with a black pen.

After the drawing phase, the artist scans his drawings to be able to clean them and make the layout on professional software. 

All the process, from the search phase to the layout phase takes approximately 7 days to the artist.

 Bugatti Veyron drawing

Each work is certified by a punch Signed "Lerailler Gallery" 

* Each creation is limited to 25 copies (5x 50/70cm and 20x 30/40cm)

* This work is not from an official collaboration with the Bugatti brand.